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What Is GameOn?

GameOn, facilitated by The TechVillage, is a project with a simple mission - mapping Zimbabwe’s gaming ecosystem, putting the spotlight on that map and playing its part in accelerating the development of the country’s gaming industry. The gaming industry is exploding in growth across the globe, including Africa, and Zimbabwe shall not be left behind. Gameplay is diverse, featuring multiple types of video games such as simulations, puzzles, virtual sports, across different mediums - mobile, online, consoles (highly condensed definition). It’s an exciting multifaceted industry that developers and gamers in Zimbabwe are taking part in and should.


This phase of GameOn is brought by a collaboration between The TechVillage Innovation Hub, Village Consult, ShiftSpace Technologies and other project partners.

IGDA Foundation

This new iteration is mostly research and training oriented and has been made possible through the support of the IDGA Foundation. This is a foundation that focuses on improving the lives of game developers by making game development a more diverse and inclusive community.

Program Development Guide

The project team is creating a development program guide to help project managers and facilitators create and run a Game Development Program for games  in the country. The guide will be freely available and is NOT for sale.

Developer and Pro-gamer profiles

Several game developers and professional gamers in Zimbabwe will be profiled and published in some of the top tech news websites in the country, and a curated list of those profiles will be found available here.

Research Paper

Monetization is a very big challenge for most game developers in Zimbabwe. How can developers effectively collect revenue from the local audience who play their games? This research paper is focusing on Game Monetization in Zimbabwe. 

Research findings on Zimbabwe’s gaming industry

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THe main facilitator

The TechVillage

We help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into sustainable businesses and in the same process enabling corporates and other ecosystem partners to leverage innovation and entrepreneurship in meeting their organisational goals. Our mission is to empower young people to be better at solving real-world problems that exist in our communities. We leverage technology and entrepreneurship to lower the cost of innovation and in so doing, enabling young people to participate in Africa’s digital economy.
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IDGA Foundation

The IGDA Foundation focuses on improving the lives of game developers by making game development a more diverse and inclusive community. We want every person on the planet to love playing games, and we think the best way to make that happen is to have a game development community that is inclusive of, and welcoming to, every person who wants to make games. We believe that diversity of all kinds in game development leads to better and more successful products and companies, and happier and more successful game developers.
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Ecosystem Builders

This workshop is based on the game development program guide and is for major contributors to the ecosystem who are supporting or want to support game development. These include hubs, studios, e-sports centres and any other supporting community.


There is a five-part workshop series for game developers slated for this iteration of GameOn. Subscribe to our newsletter to be informed of when we will be taking suggestions on focus areas for the workshops. We want to address areas developers feel are most important.

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